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Q: What’s brewing in the Oak Grove Church Road area? We have noticed that many houses have been demolished and clearing is taking place there and on Kernersville Road.

To respond: It’s part of the Northern Beltway project, said Pat Ivey, the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s division engineer for Forsyth County.

“This area is part of the section of the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway between US 421/Salem Parkway and (Interstate 40) where construction will begin this month.

“The work currently underway on Kernersville Road is a necessary utility relocation activity for the project. The $261 million project, which includes new interchanges on Kernersville Road and I-40, is expected to be completed in April 2027.”

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Q: What is the silver device affixed to the Katherine Crosby Bridge on US 158 over the Yadkin River? It’s on the Forsyth County side of the bridge.

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To respond: John P. Rhyne, North Carolina Department of Transportation Division Maintenance Engineer for Forsyth County, explained what the device is and who owns it.

“The silver device that was recently attached to the Katherine Crosby/US 158 Bridge over the Yadkin River between Forsyth and Davie counties is a water surface elevation gauge used to monitor flood levels during storms.

“The gauge is owned by NC Emergency Management and is installed on NC DOT bridges by joint agreement. A total of four gauges are installed in the area on NCDOT decks,” he said.

Q: Country Club Road, from Five Points to Silas Creek Parkway, is in a deplorable state. The street has not been repaved in several years and has been patched and had potholes filled in many places. I was wondering if the city of Winston-Salem or the North Carolina Department of Transportation is considering paving this part of the road during the 2022 paving season.

To respond: The city is responsible for maintaining this portion of Country Club Road.

Michael Flynn, Assistant Director of Field Operations for the City of Winston-Salem Department of Transportation, explains what’s going on with Country Club Road.

“At this time, the resurfacing list for 2022 is still being compiled. Country Club Road is not currently on the list to be presented to City Council for the 2022 resurfacing contract.

“Until it’s voted to be resurfaced, all we can do is maintain it with the very limited staff we have at the moment.”

Q: A follow-up question to the March 27 Oscars: What’s the difference between being an openly gay woman and an openly queer woman. Both were “firsts” in terms of wins and nominations for major awards. My spouse wasn’t sure and said they were the same.

To respond: “The answer is not an exact science and has to do with how a person identifies,” said Aryn Fields, senior press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign.

“A homosexual woman is in a homosexual relationship. A queer woman simply means the person identifies as gay – this could mean the woman identifies as gay or has an extended sexual identity, such as pansexual, that she identifies as gay.

“Again, this is not an exact science and it all has to do with how the person identifies.”

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