A creative university based on modern technology in the port city

Mohammed Osman The Honorable Secretary and Founder of UCTC


Mohammed Osman The Honorable Secretary and Founder of UCTC

Chittagong University of Creative Technology (UCTC), a new institution of higher education, was established in 2017 at Bahaddarhat in the city of Chattogram with the aim of providing creative and modern technology-oriented education after receiving the l approval from the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission. (UGC) in 2015.

The basic intention behind the establishment of this university is to provide quality education at an affordable cost. Furthermore, the university contributes to excellence in higher education through intensive teaching, research, creativity and innovation.

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Honorable Secretary and Founder of UCTC Mohammed Osman is very optimistic about his achievements.

“Although we are relatively at an early stage, we have commendable achievements,” he said.

Osman placed strong emphasis on the quality of teachers, teacher-student ratio, adequate modern teaching aids as well as appropriate technology, updated course curriculum, library facilities and pleasant campus environment to ensure a level of higher education that will one day meet international standards.

Professor Md Zahid Hossain Sharif, PhD Vice-Chancellor (in-Charge), University of Creative Technology Chittagong, Bangladesh.


Professor Md Zahid Hossain Sharif, PhD Vice-Chancellor (in-Charge), University of Creative Technology Chittagong, Bangladesh.

So far, eight departments have been approved: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, English Language and Literature, Islamic Studies, Business Administration and Masters in Public Health.

Our faculty, some with foreign degrees, play a vital role in shaping our students as future leaders in engineering, business, public health education, and other professions. As the UCTC family strives to make unique contributions to academia, it also prioritizes the importance of preparing industry-ready graduates who will be instrumental in building this nation.

UCTC strongly encourages extracurricular activities on campus such as games and sports, debates, science fairs, cultural festivals and more to enable holistic growth of intellectual and life skills in students, which , over time, will make UCTC the leading center. for learning, teaching and research in Bangladesh.

Some features of UCTC

Technology and Modern Education: UCTC is the only creative private university based on modern technology established in the port city of Chattogram. All the activities of this university have been automated. As a result, students can log in online for their results, tuition payment information, and more. via the university’s management software.

Thanks to the integrated university management software, besides the results of the university examinations, the overall activities, including the library, the human resources management, etc., are managed.

Digital classrooms and labs: Blackboards, chalk and feather dusters come to mind when we think of classrooms, but those days are long gone.

Today, many educational institutions operate with whiteboards and markers, but UCTC is one step ahead. Here, the teachers explain the lessons to the students through the digital smart boards. The campus building has Wi-Fi facilities, multimedia classrooms, seminar rooms, and 24-hour CCTV cameras for security. There are well-equipped laboratories with modern equipment compatible with the course curriculum. The 10-story university has 36 classrooms and there are enough rooms for teachers to sit as well.

Each room is air-conditioned and moreover, almost all departments have modern computer labs where 35 to 40 students can work together.

Library with 10,000 books: The university building has a central library with 10,000 books that more than two hundred students can sit and read together. There are various books on engineering and science, language, literature, marketing, economics, management, human resource management, and various dictionaries.

On the centenary of the birth of Bangabandhu and the Golden Jubilee of the country’s independence, the Bangabandhu and Liberation War Corner was launched in the Central Library. There are more than 150 books related to the language movement, the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and the war of liberation.

Also, the new Bangabandhu Gallery is an attraction of the university campus.

Special Financial Benefits and Merit-Based Scholarships: Relatively low tuition fees and payment of tuition by monthly installments are available at UCTC.

For example, meritorious SSC and HSC exam results, children of freedom fighters, children of widows, brothers, tribal students, nationally recognized sportsmen, artists, and especially meritorious students from underprivileged families receive scholarships.

Between 10 and 100% of the tuition fee is waived and apart from that, there are special scholarship opportunities based on the results of the semester.

Extracurricular Activities: Along with university studies, students are regularly encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities to improve their talents and skills. There are cultural clubs, language clubs, business clubs, sports clubs, and various organizations through which students practice contemplative excellence.

In addition, each department regularly organizes educational visits. In these activities, the university authorities provide the necessary support according to the rules of the university. In addition to all this, all national and important days are properly observed.

Quality assurance: There is a quality assurance unit to ensure quality education. The Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was set up in 2020 on the directives of the UGC. Various seminars and workshops have been organized within the framework of this unit to strengthen the professional skills of teachers so that the quality of teaching at the university can be continuously improved.

The Vice-Chancellor’s perspective

Professor Md Zahid Hossain Sharif, PhD

Vice-Chancellor (in-Charge), University of Creative Technology Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Education is a powerful tool for transforming society. Institutions of higher education (HEIs) constitute the knowledge base in society, a comprehensive system of creativity and innovation for the sustainable socio-economic development of a nation.

Chittagong University of Creative Technology (UCTC) began its journey with the motto “an approach to change through innovation and adoption of technology”, and to foster sustainable development. Since its establishment in 2015, UCTC has focused on the importance of research with critical thinking, creative thinking and problem-solving skills, quality education and services for local and national communities.

UCTC’s goal is to provide quality higher education and human resource development at affordable costs. Another key objective of UCTC is to provide students and graduates with an outcome-based education and the opportunity to pursue higher education abroad by imparting in-depth knowledge and imparting skills.

UCTC’s course curriculum is designed in response to ever-changing industry needs so that graduates can be absorbed directly. Also, we cultivate ethics, morality and good attitude among students. UCTC has highly qualified professors with foreign credentials to comply with these goals.

UCTC continues to grow in its quality teaching and in-depth research, as well as its tangible infrastructural development. As one of the rising universities in Bangladesh, it started with three schools including School of Business Administration with Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA); School of Science and Engineering with bachelor’s degrees in Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering; School of Arts and Social Sciences with a master’s degree in public health, a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature, and bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Islamic studies. Other programs are under review for approval.

I am confident that the university will very soon be a center of excellence for learning and research for our talented young minds thanks to the generous guidance of our Board of Trustees and the collaboration of academic colleagues nationally and internationally. I hope that every student in the university can equip themselves with soft skills and hard skills so that they can meet the challenges of globalization.

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